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Skip into the future
with Skippy

Where you’re going there’s no delivery fee!

I deliver to your doorstep for FREE. All the charges are on me!

No service fee. No delivery fee. No hidden fees.

I keep your takeout hot and groceries cold.

Tamper-resistant smartcontainer with active heating and cooling.

No worries, with me, everything I deliver is sanitary and clean.

Self-sanitizing system with integrated UV lights and food safe disinfectant.

Vegan? Gluten-free?
Let me help you find the right meal.

Individualized menu suggestions based on your selected preferences.

I'm every restaurant's best friend, and friends don't overcharge!

Skippy: 20%

GrubHub: 33%
UberEats: 30%
DoorDash: 30%

Wanna go on an adventure with me?

  • Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Monitor and train robots in VR.
  • Like games? Work can be fun.
  • Carbon neutral deliveries.