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  • Empowers high-risk industries

  • Hardware-agnostic software solution

  • Modular architecture and compatibility

  • Next-gen interfaces and AI automation

  • Future of work and career opportunities



Introducing Origins, the game-changing platform that empowers high-risk hazardous industries to unlock unprecedented levels of operational efficiency and safety. Our flexible, hardware-agnostic software solution supports virtually any machine on the planet, including heavy equipment, vehicles, drones, and droids. With modular architecture and compatibility with major robotics systems, Origins allows for rapid integration of controls, cameras, and sensors, facilitating seamless teleoperation and AI automation. Whether you're in construction, forestry, mining, or equipment rental.

Join us in ushering in a new era of remote work, next-gen interfaces, AI co-pilots, offshore hiring, and career opportunities.

Pre-order now and experience the future of work with Origins.

The Solution


Remote Work

Allow skilled equipment operators to work remotely from home or the office, reducing the supply-demand mismatch and increasing flexibility.

AI co-pilot

Helps new operators learn from expert data and provides real-time feedback and guidance, improving training and development outcomes.

Career opportunities

Provides operators with career development paths and incentives, reducing turnover and increasing retention.

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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